In 2020 the two most creative and social consciousness-driven conferences, the Global Social Business Summit and Social Business Day, have teamed up to present a combined event under one banner:

Super HappYYness Festival

the planetary conference to unleash social consciousness

Munich, June 26th – 29th 2020

Countdown for extinction of our civilization has begun. It is urgent that all of us pull our creative power and resources to act. It presents an opportunity to create a new civilization. Opportunities that we have now for changing the course of civilization will evaporate forever in a decade or two. We can build the strategy of resistance by unleashing social consciousness in all directions of life.

“Making money may be happiness, but making other people happy is a Super HappYYness“

— Professor Muhammad Yunus
Prof. Muhammad Yunus, 1958

We choose the path of Super HappYYness, because we are convinced that this is the path to create a peaceful, equitable, and sustainable world based on Human Rights. This will be the world of sharing and caring.

The Super HappYYness Festival is designed to bring together the global social business community and social consciousness driven players from all generations to share their experiences, to learn from each other and to inspire each other. Let’s listen to the scientists and find the right solutions. The topics are arranged in terms of “Hubs”: Environment, Life, Sports, Arts & Culture, Youth, Technology and more. Updates of the ongoing social businesses will be presented and new ideas formulated. Leaders and change-makers from corporate, political, microfinance and NGO background as well as social activists will use ideas from social businesses to create concrete joint efforts and fabricate concrete actions.