The Super HappYYness Satellite Festival

The Super HappYYness Festival, the planetary conference to unleash social consciousness, is scheduled to be held in Munich, Germany from 26th-29th of June 2020. It aims to kick off the process to create a New World by 2030 and creating a New Civilization by 2050. The festival will mobilize all our energy, creativity and commitment to create a World of Three Zeros and protect the planet as well as our society from the impending dangers of wealth concentration, global warming, and massive unemployment.

During these four days, Munich will be the representative city, the center of all the action and celebration. However, thanks to global communication and technology, we can all celebrate together! If you are not able to join the Super HappYYness Festival in Munich, you can join the central celebration.

Planetary Golden Hour to Celebrate The Festival All Around The World

Which major cities will facilitate Super HappYYness Satellite Events?

If you want to organize a Satellite Event, go ahead! It would be helpful for us to know from now who would like to do so and who would be the Master of the event. Send your name, photo and address. Encourage your children to organize their own Super HappYYness Satellite Events and send their names and pictures. Children and schools can tell their friends to organize a satellite event and let us know. Let us have big fun with an even bigger purpose. Children who have joined the Fridays for Future movement would find it as a continuation of their journey to create a new world. Organize the Super HappYYness Satellite Events and let the world know you are not giving up and that the children know how to move on their own.


We are expecting all major cities to organize their own Super HappYY satellite events:

Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Hamburg, Rome, Bologna, Torino, Milan, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Washington, LA, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Kyoto, London, Glasgow, Athens, Dubai, Cairo , Moscow, St Petersburg, Istanbul, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Dhaka, Chattogram, Rio, Mexico City, Baja, California, Bogota, Kampala, Nairobi, Sydney, to name some of them. There are also many small cities, towns, settlements and villages who may join the planetary golden hour.